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Derby-based rock/pop covers band

It took a while to settle on a name, but the band has been together under various guises for nearly ten years now. We aim to provide an ecletic mix of entertainment, covering good old "pub rock" classics along with a smattering of less-often covered tunes that are nonetheless familiar. We like to think we achieve that, but we recommend you come along to see us and judge for yourself.

Despite his tender years and barely being able to count up to four (sometimes with "and" in between the numbers), Luca is the most "musically" qualified of the band. He already has the equivalent of a GCSE in Hitting Things With Sticks. His time spent with us is really just to give him some light relief from his true calling with his jazz outfit.
Anna was was drafted into the band as an emergency, stand-in bass player some ten years ago and we've not yet managed to get rid of her. During her tenure she has expanded her role to cover lead vocals and rhythm guitar, so it looks rather like she's got no intention of going anywhere. And as it turns out that suits us just fine.
There are some people who excel at one thing, and others who cope admirably in a number of areas. Jez is neither of these. You'd think he'd have enough on his plate playing lead guitar (something he still maintains he doesn't do), but he can't seem to help chipping in with his own, unique backing vocals. For a long time he was the only one with transport, which is probably how he ended up being considered "indispensable".
After failing to step back quick enough during the recruitment drive for a vocalist, Ben has come along in leaps and bounds, although we generally try to keep him lashed to his chair. He is equally happy taking on bass duties when Anna is singing; he says the bass speaks to him, but we think he's just externalising the voices in his head.


Gigs 2020

Friday 31st January at The George and Dragon, Belper.

Saturday 22nd February at The Nag's Head, Belper.

Friday 17th April at The Stumble Inn, Long Eaton.

Gigs 2019

Sunday 25th August at The Boat and Horses, Long Eaton.

Saturday 27th July at The Navigation Inn, Shardlow.

Thursday 25th July at The Smithfield, Derby.

Saturday 20th April at The Smithfield, Derby.

Gigs 2018

Saturday 30th June at The Smithfield, Belper.

Sunday 6th May at "Kev Fest" at The Horse and Groom, Derby.

Friday 12th January at The George and Dragon, Belper.

Gigs 2017

Friday 3rd November at Smithy's Marina Bar, Shardlow.

Saturday 1st July at The Derbyshire Sausage and Cider Music Festival, Catton Park.

Saturday 27th May at The Holly Bush, Marehay.

Friday 26th May at The George and Dragon, Belper.

Friday 6th January at The Sitwell Tavern, Derby.

Gigs 2016

Saturday 2nd July at The Party On The Park, Hilton.

Friday 24th June at The County and Station, Matlock Bath.

Saturday 18th June at The Chequers Inn, Breaston.

Friday 8th April at Smithy's Marina Bar, Shardlow.

Gigs 2015

Thursday 31st December at Milford Social Club.

Saturday 19th December at The County and Station, Matlock Bath.

Saturday 31st October - Private Party



As Ben is now co-landlord of the highly successful and super-excellent Smithfield in Derby we are now performing on occasion as a three-piece. The set list is still full of the same sort of stuff and the performance is just as energetic, we just have to work around Ben's availabiity, which, as any landlords reading this will know, can be quite limited.

21 November 2017 : Our young drummer has made it through the first cut of this year's Young Drummer of the Year competition. He's into the final 40 from over 250 entrants, which is excellent. We really don't make full use of him at all.

We had a fantastic day at the Derbyshire Sausage and Cider Music Festival this summer (2017) and it's got us all fired up for trying a bit harder to put ourselves out there a bit more. Half of us are still students and the other half still have 'proper' jobs but with a little luck we'll manage to align our calendars a few more times before the year's out.

One of our number is currently away studying at university, which makes for interesting logistics and of course always takes priority. But keep an eye out - "like" us on Facebook - and you'll be updated as soon as we make our next booking.


Our Music

Of course, it's not really our music (well, most of it isn't), but here's a small selection of the bands whose songs you can expect to hear at one of our gigs.



No band website would be complete without a rogues' gallery.

Our YouTube Channel is now up and running. We'll be uploading bits and pieces from time to time.



Contact Information

If you want to get in touch with us for any reason, maybe to make a booking or something fantastic like that, and you don't feel like using the social networks listed below then please go ahead and send us an email at info@audiomotive.rocks

Visit us at our Facebook page.


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